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Healing Passages TM

Energy Awareness Healing Passages, and Two Day Worskhop with Roman Oleh Yaworsky and Susana Sori. Image copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky


Healing Passages TM

Learn Most Optimal Approach and the Energetic Basis of the Transforming Times in Our Lives

Two Day Workshop with Roman Oleh Yaworsky

TBA 2019 / 2020

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tana's Gathering Place, Miami Beach FL

Continuing Education Credits are available

This workshop, through SpiritUnleashed, provider #50-12290,
has been approved for 14 CEUs for CSW, MFT, HC and LMTs
as well as Licensed Midwives. and Psychologists (with board review)
(More details at bottom)


Healing PassagesTM reveals the underlying energetic dynamics of the important transforming times that we all share as human beings.

Each of these passages hold the possibility of a rebirth and a healing. They challenge where we have held ourselves back. It is important to recognize them for what they are.

This valuable workshop will give you the understanding and skills to effectively support the healing of your clients as they move through their important passages.

This two day workshop addresses the pivotal moments in our lives and in the lives of the people around us, family friends or clients. It is often that we see clients when they are undergoing passage through at least one of the pivotal moments that are addressed in this workshop. It is important to be aware of the underlying energetic pattern of each of these moments and the gifts that they may bring when supported with right understanding and knowledge.

Having a greater awareness of the patterns and issues that a client is facing from an energetic perspective allows for greater clarity and deeper insights towards supporting a client through their passage and recovery. It can also dramatically increase rapport with clients, who are then much more likely to return as clients.


Continuing Education Units available with SpiritUnleashed TM

14 for CSW, MFT, MHC The professions of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counselors will receive 14 Contact Hours - Spirit Unleashed, provider #50-12290

14 for LMT Registered Massage Therapists - Spirit Unleashed, provider #50-12290 

14 for Midwifery Licensed Midwifes will receive 14 Contact Hours - Spirit Unleashed, provider #50-12290

14 for Psychologists Licensed psychologist may take CE courses approved by other MQA boards. However, if audited by psychology board, they are responsible to prove how the course enhanced their psychological skills and knowledge. [This course may definitely pass review.

Please note: There is an additional $25 fee for those requesting CE units for course attendance. SpiritUnleashed will directly process your request for CE units to the respective Florida Boards. When registering through a hosting school, there is no additional fee.

To students from outside of Florida needing CE units: Many professional Boards in the U.S. honor Florida approved courses, when the course is taken in Florida. Please check with the Board of your profession in your State.

This workshop will cover:

Discovering the Gift in Each Crisis

· The energetic basis of crisis: How crisis reveals the path of healing.

· How crisis reveals where we tend to get caught and what we need to heal within ourselves.

· How crisis can save us from being disconnected from our core, joy and power.

· Discovering the Gift in Crisis.

An Understanding of the Predictable Passages in Our Lives

· A fresh look at the ‘terrible twos’: The crisis of the enthusiasm of the heart for a two year old, for the second year of marriage and the second year of a job.

· The energetics behind the ‘seven year itch’: The crisis of responsibility in relationships and careers and what pushes people to leave established relationships and careers.

· The ‘Midlife Crisis’ of the 40’s and its reflection in the early 20’s, and 60’s: A time of the greatest use of alcohol for some, and a reconnection to freedom and spontaneity for others.

Shared Times of Great Change

The death of a parent or someone close to you: The healing transition that most people ignore during the mourning process.

· Separation and divorce: The optimal choices that support moving forward and clearing the past.

· The passage through losing a job: Regaining value and worth.

· A new job: The dynamics and timing of the common passages of the first few years.

· A new relationship: The common patterns, crisis, pitfalls and optimal stances.

· Marriage: Why marriages become a crisis: Understanding the fundamental dynamics of responsibility in relationship.

· The birth of a child: The optimal stance to take with your child that avoids the common mistakes people make.

Integration, Healing and Support

Practical stances to apply in our lives and with our clients.

· A review of the key tendencies and issues that underlie all of the shared passages.

· How to support positive shifts.

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