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All of us are in relationship, in one form or another. Our interactions with others reveal our strengths and weakness, what we acknowledge about ourselves and how we perceive others.

The relationship reading allows couples to take a closer look at how the energy of the relationship moves between them, where it flows and where it can become challenging. It can reveal good and bad habits as well as needs and whether these are being addressed.

This reading is very useful in bringing issues and solutions to the surface. It can also help to clarify some of the dynamics and interactions that are taking place; where there may be challenges and what may be helpful for moving towards better understanding and appreciation of each other.


To derive the most benefit, it is suggested that each person have an individual session first, to help them identify and work with their own issues. A joint consultation can then be made to focus on the interaction of both people's charts.


Cost: $250 US (includes postage and handling for the charts and audio recording if done over the phone)

For ethical reasons, the consent of both parties is required.


In Person sessions in Miami, serving South Florida. Phone consultations for out of town and international clients.
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