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Client Testimonials



I am awed by the scope of the work you did. I am still assimilating it, contemplating it and definitely feeling as though I have "walked through the door" on many issues. Thank you!

R.C., California

Your sessions have worked wonders on my husband. He is a new man. He is exercising almost everyday and can communicate better with our son. It is truly amazing...just thought you would like to know!

A. B., Boston, MA

I have noticed a steady lightness in my emotional state so I know that changes are happening even though I may not notice them right away!

M. F., Miami, FL

Thank you so much for helping me mend my broken heart!

S. K., Chicago, IL

Although I had my career in mind when signing up for the session, the result has been that my whole life has shifted. No small change, either...from nothing, to more opportunities that I can handle! Yes, it is a good thing!

Miami client of a long distance session by proxy.

I just want to thank you for your healing work. I made it through my re-training so much easier than in past years! I have noticed such a change in myself since our sessions.

Client from Boston South Shore, MA


After our couple session, I somehow see my wife more clearly and thus more lovingly. I am looking forward to more experiences of this kind. Thank you!

B.N., Houston, TX

I have been busy this past week and certainly did not have the session on my mind, yet, I found myself feeling grateful on several occasions. And, although I had to do some 'fearful' things, like speak my truth to my partner and express my feelings more, I felt I was supported and I could do them! The result has been that our love life has expanded and I feel much closer to my wife on many levels. We want to let you know that we appreciate all the wisdom, energy and love you gave us.

R.B., New York City

A huge 'thank you' for providing such a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. It has been an amazing experience!

Couple in Massachusetts

In Person sessions in Miami, serving South Florida. Phone consultations for out of town and international clients.

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