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We can help your team become more effective in the way they present information to clients and in the way that information is organized in PowerPoint presentations.

Most presentations using PowerPoint ignore the fundamental rules of presentation and communication. When you ignore these rules and the ways that an audience actually processes your information, then what ever the value that you are presenting, you are staring on the left foot and undermining everything you do.

Effective Presentations

There are established principles that describe how an audience receives and integrates your presentation. When you go against these principles, you are significantly undermining everything you are trying to achieve. When your presentation embraces these principles, your presentation will shine.

What are these principles? They extend into three categories.

Presenter Stance and Delivery

The first and foremost principle is the speaker themselves, how a speaker presents themselves, how they stand, speak, breath, make direct contact with their listeners and the presenter's state from which they speak.

The stance and behavior of the speaker defines how willing an audience or clients are willing to trust what they have to say and whether they have a favorable, lasting and effective experience with the speaker and what they are presenting.

The Presentation Media

There are key and established principles and significant understanding of how an audience receives and integrates your presentation from a technical and psychological perspective. These principles relate to the colors being used, the visibility of the text, the way the individual slides are organized and the way the information is crafted to make the experience for the viewer optimal.

All of these factors work for the speaker or against them and determine whether the presentation is positive and memorable, or whether it is disappointing and forgettable. This is an area of presentation that is usually overlooked out of ignorance, but is critical in establishing the connection with the viewer and more importantly convincing them with what you have to say in a manner that leaves a positive and lasting impression.

What Does the Presentation Really Tell Potential Clients?

Many presenters, typically, leave completion of their PowerPoint presentation to the last minute, often on their flight or in the hotel room. The realities of time and deadlines are as they are.

Nevertheless, a hurriedly prepared presentation often looks just like that and this can leave a very negative overall impression. You don't want to spend days preparing and traveling for a meeting only to convince a potential client through your presentation that they were a last minute effort and if they become your clients, it may be an indication of what is to come.

Your clothes, shoes, tie and other details may matter, but so does the presentation! Stand out from the crowd. Even if most of your competitors have the same last minute habits,  then here is your opportunity to make a better impression.

Take Your Presentations to the Next Level

We can partner with presenters at the early stage and give them guidance and key directions towards improving their presentations so that their final product can be more successful.

The concepts and knowledge gained in working with us on presentations will extend beyond improving the product itself. What will also be gained is a greater understanding of communication itself, with your fellow employees and prospective clients.

Our staff have a very strong background in presentation skills, graphics and presentation layout and have won awards for their work.

The Whole Presentation

You have the material prepared, and your talk is ready. Now it is important to assess how to optimize the effectiveness of you, your presentation, your media of delivery and your relationship to the audience. All components need to work well, but in the end, it is your stance, the way you deliver what was prepared and the willingness of the audience to trust you and what you have to say that is key.

We are experts in both graphics and in presentation style and delivery.

We look forward to help you lift the dynamics of your presentation to a new level.

We apply the tools that work! Results matter.
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