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Why is Life Coaching at Powerful Light TM So Effective?

Our coaching staff is skilled in a wide range of effective tools and modalities to help you move closer to your life goals. As a result, the life coaching that we offer is not limited to any specific method or system. We determine what will help you move forward in all circumstances and apply those modalities that will support the changes you need. We use what works. As a result, each session will move you forward. Results matter.

We use an integrated approach. Each of our sessions has a clear focus and will help you move foreward. We can focus directly on what you need and apply a comprehensive set of techniques and skill sets that can be fine tuned to your situation at hand. We are versatile in both traditional and non traditional approaches.

As a result of our integrative approach, we have had a high level of success coaching individuals, couples, teams, management and companies.

Managers can take advantage of our individual and group process skills. We have listed a number of areas in which we have had great success.

Individual Coaching:

Life Coaching

We offer both individual sessions or monthly packages. Our life coaching is very flexible. In-person sessions are available in the Miami area and sessions can be by phone. Make an appointment with us to discuss your goals and to determine how we can help you achieve them.

Goal setting

Often times, setting the wrong goals or not breaking your goals into practical and realizable units can severely restrict your progress. Let us help you formulate a set of practical and achievable goals that will springboard you forward.

Personality Assessment

We offer a range of techniques to help you discover your patterns, tendencies, talents, where you tend to get stuck and the key to your power and effectiveness.

Coaching for Writers, Musicians and the Visual Arts

We have had great success helping writers, musicians and artists re-connect to their creative source. Our coaching staff have a strong  and successful background in the creative arts themselves, and are well aware of what it takes to rekindle the inner creative flame.

Coaching for Performers, Television, Theatre and Cinema

Our team has been very successful in helping actors, performing musicians and media presenters, whether it is to improve their delivery or to resolve issues and challenges in their professional and private lives.

Life Direction Coaching

Life Direction coaching helps you discover the optimal path to take: what works best for you and what are the most likely choices that are positively rewarded. Unlike traditional Life Coaching, which may help you get better at what you do, even if it is is not a rewarding choice, Life Direction Coaching determines what works for you best and brings the most positive result. It is sometimes referred to as the 'Path of Luck', because it helps you remove the patterns that work against you and helps you re-align with what the universe would prefer to support.


Energy Medicine

We integrate our coaching with healing modalities from the native traditions of North and South America. The Shamanic arts can focus on the core issues that are holding you back from an energetic perspective. We offer clearing and balancing of the chakras, Healing the Light Body and Soul Retrieval. We offer Energy Medicine and Energy Healing in person in the Miami Area and also through phone sessions. For a more comprehensive list, see Energy Healing at Powerful LightEnergy Healing

Resonance Repatterningฎ for individuals and couples and groups

Formerly known as Holographic Repatterning, this system uses advanced kinesiology and tuning between practitioner and client to reveal what may be holding you back and provides quick and effective healing modalities to release the results of negative experiences and past choices. More information about Resonance Repatterning R)For more information about Resonance Repatterning

Couples Coaching

We offer integrated Life Coaching with Energy Medicine and other healing modalities to help clarify, resolve and improve the dynamics of relationships.

Corporate Coaching for Miami

Leadership and Management Consulting

Our corporate coaching offerings include Leadership Coaching and Management Consulting for Groups and Corporate Teams.
 Leadership Coaching in MiamiFor more information on our Leadership Coaching

Effective Presentations

Our corporate and leadership coaching also extends to supporting executives in presentations, both as help and support on style and delivery, as well as graphics and presentation design. Executive presentations support in MiamiFor more information on presentations

Support for Improving the Dynamics of Management and Teams

Powerful Light also offers support and coaching with  Group Processes, Conflict Resolution, Personality Conflict Resolution and Employee Relations. We focus on shifting the dynamics  for managers, management teams and groups.
Corpoarate and business coaching in MiamiFor more information on our corporate and business coaching in the Miami area.

Astrological Coaching

Astrology counseling can be a very effective means to accelerate the life coaching process. In a very real and unique way, astrology can reveal the larger map and dynamics that are being addressed, providing invaluable information that clarifies the issues and directions that are being taken. Astrology is a powerful ally in life coachingTo find out more


Phone consultations are available for out of town and international clients.

You can reach Roman by e-mail:
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You can reach Susana by e-mail:
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