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Astrology Transit Report: Sample 2

An excerpt from this page of Roman Oleh Yaworsky's Astrology Transit Report. (Please note that these are samples of transits to client natal planets, not to be confused with globally occurring planetary transits this year):

Transformation Challenges Uniqueness and Freedom

Transiting Pluto Sesquisquare Natal Uranus, exact near Jan 18 2012, Jul 12 2012, Nov 20, 2012

During this period of time, you may be experiencing changes, upheavals, sudden endings and beginnings. You may find yourself being forced to adapt to situations to maintain your freedom and individuality. There is a sense of rebelliousness and a need to go beyond traditional attitudes and beliefs.

You are changing or replacing the things in your life that have blocked your sense of freedom, creativity and uniqueness. The change is ultimately happening inside you, in order to release your freedom and uniqueness. When you try to make these changes happen outside of you, in the people around you, or in outside circumstances, you are likely to get resistance or opposition from people. Being reactive, rebellious or overly willful, stubborn or uncompromising rather than being flexible tends to make these matters worse, especially in relationship.

It is important to notice when you are being pulled out of your own freedom by reacting to others. Return to your core sense of who you are by noticing your feelings and the spontaneity of your own heart. Learn to act out of that freedom, rather than making other’s responsible for you being free by reacting to them.

Avoid being overly impulsive, impatient, willful, rebellious or obsessive as it may alienate support from others, especially in relationships. Choose flexibility and detachment when possible. Greater strides occur when you can work with others as a team player, and when you are more open to new directions and possibilities.

Often new lifestyles or ways of being, such as yoga, astrology or mysticism are encountered, or unusual people and ideas. There is often a drive to throw out the old, as you seek new realities, experiences, and freedoms.

Take care not to discard value or resources out of zeal. The sudden changes and stresses that can result at this time need to be addressed with proper rest, nutrition, exercise and recreation.

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