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Healer and Shamanic Practioner Susana Sori

Move Forward

The world is changing. Old approaches are no longer bringing the same success. If you or your your company want to succeed now and in the future, it is time to apply the tools and solutions of the future.

Focusing on True Leadership Strengths

It is important to differentiate between those approaches to leadership that have been superficial or cosmetic in the past and those approaches that bring out the true capacities and strengths that each leader must reveal in order to be truly successful.

The Process Begins by Removing the Obstacles

We begin by revealing what has been holding you back and helping you remove any obstacles or challenges that may be interfering with the full expression of leadership capacities.

It is also important to shift any negative dynamics that may have crept in with respect to colleagues, administration and staff relations, or to work through the effects of corporate or management changes.

Often overlooked but just as significant are the personal dynamics of home and family relationships, and how these need to be balanced with careers. We are uniquely qualified to support both.

Maintaining Leadership and Management Effectiveness

It is very beneficial to maintain optimal effectiveness by releasing accumulated wear and tear.

We can do this work at the energetic level through energy medicine and involves clearing the energetic field of emotional and interpersonal accumulations.

We also have a depth of experience and understanding in both resolving management issues and coaching leaders towards greater effectiveness.

The ability to use a wide range of alternative but very successful modalities enables us to work quickly and effectively towards the resolution of a wide range of issues.

We can help you rediscover what works best for your and to support your process of optimizing your path to success. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality and integrity.