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Natal Astrology Readings

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Your Personal Astrology Chart Reading

A reading of the natal chart reveals key issues and patterns about how we see the world around us and how we react to it. Becoming aware of these patterns and the part we play in creating our reality enables us to become more insightful and effective with the people and situations in our lives.

Personal chart reading sessions are fairly flexible, depending on the issues you prefer to focus on, and typically last about two or more hours. Currently, readings are over the phone. Questions are encouraged, and the reading takes place in an informal and relaxed setting. An audio recording is complimentary, with a link for download.

Astrology Reading Requests for Children

When it comes to children, Roman encourages parents to get to know their own charts first, so that they have greater clarity of their process. Some of the main energetic interactions between the parent and child may be helpful. Cost is similar to a second reading.

Normally a direct reading of a child's chart is not recommended unless there are specific needs. For ethical grounds, a child is not likely to appreciate the reading or to be realistically capable of giving informed consent. It is important to give children space to develop their own personality.

Requirements for an Astrology Reading

You need to acquire information about your birth time and place, in order to calculate your natal chart for a session. Please be aware of the following details:

Birth Time

Please include the source of this information.

Try to obtain as accurate a time as possible. This information may be available in the hospital records where you were born or recorded in the City registry, Municipal records, or Church registry. Be aware that your birth certificate may record the date and time of issue rather than birth, so double-check.

Your parents and other family members are your second source of information. The circumstances and supporting recollections that they remember are also important. Be aware that births in many places, especially during the fifties and sixties, involved anesthesia, and this may throw off recollections considerably, so please indicate any such information.

Although an accurate time of birth provides better certainty with respect to some issues, sessions, where there is no time given, are nevertheless very informative and worthwhile.

Typically some checking for and adjustment for accuracy is made during the session. Partly this is necessary since actual definitions of birth time vary widely, and this can easily translate to an inaccuracy of as much as 10 or 15 minutes, due to delays in recording the actual time and rounding off the minutes.

Adjustments are always made for time zone variations, so please include only the local time at birth, to avoid confusion.

Location of Birth

When giving the place of birth, please indicate what major town or city is near by. Some states have more than one location with the same name, or the name may change with time.

Date of Birth

Please write out the name of the month and the full year to avoid any possible confusion.