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Shamanic Coaching

Healer and Shamanic Practioner Susana Sori

The sessions we offer allow you to remove the barriers and blocks that have been preventing you from reaching your goals and draining your efforts.

The Most Effective Tools

We have had great success by melding traditional Coaching methods with the transforming and healing systems of yoga and the native traditions of the Americas.

The Shamanic Arts of the Inca Traditions of the High Andes address the healing of the human energy field directly, quickly, effectively, and compassionately.

A Shamanic Practitioner helps a client release what holds them back at a deep energetic level, where they form. It is a deep Soulfull and Spirit-directed mentoring.

In this way, the Shamanic Practitioner draws a person forward by helping to remove what held them back in the first place.

The enthusiam and clarity that returns makes it profoundly easier to achieve your dreams.

What is the difference between Shamanic Coaching and Life Coaching?

Life Coaching works at the psychological and physical levels. Through motivation, counseling, and support, we can shift our patterns and reach our goals.

Shamanic Coaching extends to the energetic level to release what blocks our aliveness, our sense of self, our soul, and our connection to Spirit.

Typically that release happens, or begins in one session

Personal Shamanic Coaching

● Releasing blocks and obstacles
● Energetic Recovery
● Chakra healing, Re-energizing, and illumination
● Soul Retrieval
● Divination
● Retrieving New Possibilities
● Reduction of Stress
● Removing Negative Influences

Shamanic Coaching & Resonance Repatterning®

The Resonance Repatterning® System, developed by Cloe Wordsworth, is the original and most effective technique to reveal and release where you may be stuck holding yourself back.

● Creating positive life shifts
● Improving the energetics of relationship
● Coherence for groups and teams
● Releasing negative patterns

Shamanic Coaching for Creativity and the Arts

It is vital for those in the creative and performing community to maintain their inner spark and creative outflow. Our clients include actors, musicians, writers, and artists.

● Regaining the joy of creativity
● Removing performance blocks
● Removing Creative Blocks

Spiritual Support

● Centering and transformation
● Movement, awareness and breathwork
● Meditation support
● Creative contemplation as a tool
● Hatha Yoga support and instruction
● Spiritual awakening support
● Visualization and creative imagery
● Spiritual Issues for Couples

Leadership Coaching

What makes a great leader? Great leaders are not made by taking workshops or going to pep talks. Leadership is a quality that is inherent in most people, but that quality depends on our relationship to our core.

We partner with managers and executives to improve their overall effectiveness, integrity, and trust in extending their capabilities to those around them.

● Executive and Management Coaching
● Effective communication styles
● Greater clarity and effectiveness
● Releasing what holds you back in your professional life
● Accessing your gifts, talents, and abilities.
● Strengthening and trusting your gut-knowing

Corporate Coaching

We can help release the tendencies that are holding your team back from greater performance. Our approach is less invasive, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional executive coaching methods. We work directly with the dynamics that may be holding your management team or staff back.

● Conflict resolution
● Improving employee relations
● Communication and corporate interactions
● Corporate renewal, change, and transitions
● Resolving individual and group dynamics
● Regaining trust and cohesiveness
● Revealing the enthusiasm, coherence, and trust your team needs to improve effectiveness
● Improving job performance and satisfaction
● Enhancing communication


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