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Resonance Repaterning®

Resonance Repatterning (R).

Certification in remote healing and phone sessions

Positive Energy Healing Shift for Individuals and Couples

The Resonance Repatterning ® system takes advantage of how we hold on to our non-coherent patterns, bad habits, and the tendencies and experiences that have held us back. The nature of our blocks and where they are held in our system is revealed through applied kinesiology and an intricate and unique diagnostic system . Once identified, positive change results in a shift in the way we hold and release these impressions.

This system has clear advantages over many other interventions because it is not blame or cause-based. For couples, it can significantly help in improving communication and openness. It supports the release of the non-coherent patterns that block the optimal dynamics of a relationship.

Background picture showing the resonant interaction of several waves. The Resonance Repatterning ® system takes advantage of how our body and our energetic system holds our energetics to past events by shifting the way we hold on to our resonances and thus freeing us to engage our lives more fully.

A Positive shift for organizations and working groups

Groups and organizations can begin to hold tendencies and bad habits in similar ways to individuals. The Resonance Repatterning ® system is very useful in both identifying these patterns and as a tool for their release. As already mentioned, it does not focus on blame or what went wrong. Rather it focuses on what needs to be shifted to make things right.

This system can significantly help in improving the dynamics of group relations and productivity. It is non-invasive, does not require background information or interviews. Positive results and shifts occur in the first meeting. Most clients, both individuals or groups, experience a release of issues holding them back, with dramatic progress, even from one session.

We apply the tools that work! Results matter.

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