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An Introduction to the Core of Astrology

A Course in Astrology for the Spirit and Soul

The twelve Astrology signs.

The anatomical astrological human, early fifteenth century, public domain

An Introduction to the Basic Foundation of Astrology

The topics covered in the first half of the course:

● An introduction to Astrology - how and why it works.

● The deep meanings of the Sun, Moon and Planets in each sign.

● An introduction to the Angles and Houses in astrology. The Ascendant, Midheaven, IC and Descendant

● The North Node of the Moon . Chiron and other points.

● Using free chart services on the internet.

If this is you first astrology course, you will be guided and supported towards a basic understanding of astrology so that you can interpret the key elements of a chart with ease.

If you have taken courses before, be prepared to gain depth and understanding not found in present astrological literature. Course handouts are included.

A Spiritual and Shamanic Perspective

This course will reveal the true nature of the signs, planets and symbols of astrology as they are meant to be understood; from spirit, the expression of the soul and the freedom of the heart.

It will cover the core foundation and principles of astrology and take you beyond what traditional astrology offers, towards greater understanding, insight and clarity.

An introduction to the Dynamics of Astrology

The topics covered in the second half of the course:

● The energy flow in a chart . The dynamics of aspects

● An introduction to time and Prediction . Transits, progressions, arcs, cycles and returns .

● Making sense of the complete chart . Using the free astrology tools on the internet .

● The moon's nodes, eclipses and new moons .

● How to continue learning, testing and exploring . Inner knowing

Class Format: Each class will begin with a short review and Q/A. The core of each class will be an interactive exploration of the topic of the day, with supporting graphics, practical examples and hands-on support. Participants receive complementary printouts of their natal charts with transits and progressions.

This course is on hold during the Covid crisis. An on-line version is being prepared.