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Susana Sorí


Miami Energy Medicine Pracxtioner and Healer, Susana Sori. Image copyright 2005 by Susana Sori Susana Sorí is an accomplished Miami healer and educator,
an innovative and resourceful agent for change
with a warm and compassionate personal style.

Her focus is to free her clients from the obstacles
and issues that hold them back, supporting
a client’s positive shift at all levels.


Susana Sorí is an accomplished practitioner of energy medicine and of the Resonance Repatterning® System that has proved very useful in the detection, resolution and positive shift of energy depleting dynamics in individuals and organizations.

As a counselor, healer and educator, Susana has maintained her own practice of 23 years rooted in both conventional and alternative healing approaches, yoga and energy medicine.

In addition to being a counselor, Susana has been an exhibiting visual artist since 1973. As a creative person herself, she is well aware of ebbs and flows of creative energy and is able to 'mid-wife' breakthroughs to artists, writers and any creative individual, no matter their profession. Susana is currently in the process of writing two books on art and healing.


You can find more about Susana at:
Energy Medicine and Life Coaching at HR Shaman (TM)www.hrshaman.com

In Person sessions in Miami, serving South Florida.
Phone consultations are available for out of town and international clients.

You can reach Susana by e-mail:
Email at roman@powerfullight.com susana@powerfullight.com

Healing and Alternative Medicine:
Life coach, Healer and Educator, Healing modalities from yoga and native traditions, including Inca healing of the human energy field, Resonance Repatterning® for individuals and couples, meditation and breath work, spiritual advising and awakening support.

Assistance for Health Care Workers:
Partnership and support of hospice nurses, social workers, clergy, health care workers. Assistance in bringing ease of being and peace at the emotional, mental and with spirit levels under distressing or crisis situations.

Life Coaching:
Creativity and Creative Breakthroughs, Coaching for writers, musicians, actors, performers and the media. Effective presentations, releasing creative blocks, Life Direction, Goal setting, Individual Processes for Change, Mediation and resolution of individual and family dynamics.

Corporate and Executive Coaching:
Mediation and resolution of individual and group dynamics, Executive, business and life coaching, Leadership training, Conflict Resolution, Employee Relations, Communication, Effective Presentations, Corporate Renewal, Management Consulting for Groups and Corporate Teams, Task Resolution, Resonance Repatterning® for Groups and Teams, Shifting the Dynamics of Groups.




In Person sessions in Miami, serving South Florida. Phone consultations for out of town and international clients.
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