Integrated Business and Corporate Interventions at Powerfullight, shamanic healing and coaching.

Integrated Corporate Interventions

Business and corporate coaching, addressing  personal issues and managementi

The Most Effective Tools

The coaching staff at Powerful Light have a depth of experience and understanding in both resolving management issues and coaching leaders towards greater effectiveness.

The ability to use a wide range of alternative but very successful modalities enables us to work quickly and effectively towards the resolution of a wide range of issues.

We maintain the highest level of confidentiality and integrity.

Corporate Solutions

Whether elements in your corporation are not meeting expectations or there has been a change in management, and personnel are resisting changes, let us find and resolve these and other underlying causes.

Over time, most corporations accumulate kinks in their dynamics. It is a natural consequence of doing business, making difficult decisions and working with groups of people. Sometimes challenges and problems can build or deepen over time if they are unresolved or ignored.

It is these unresolved issues that weaken corporations and their departments, and over time can cost the company a great deal of time and money in lost productivity, absenteeism and worker turnover. Often serious flaws do not come to the surface until they become a crisis, and by then the resolution may be more difficult, especially if the wrong choices and interventions are then applied.

Ideally, pro-action is the best corporate solution. Identifying and resolving areas where the dynamics of a corporation are being held back at the early stage is clearly the most cost effective solution. The rewards are more cohesion and greater enthusiasm towards the goals of the company, and these bring untold positive results in the long run.

Our Approach Focuses on Resolution

If issues have been neglected, are difficult to trace or have become chronic, then an approach has to be taken that not only reveals and addresses the core problem itself but also the consequences and secondary issues that the core problem has generated. Both need to be resolved in order to bring success and resolution.

Our team specializes at working at several levels of intervention at the same time, bringing faster resolution and results to all parties concerned. We do not impose or views. We listen and we share what we have to offer. We work as a team with management and staff and move towards resolution in a non-confrontational approach that honors the contribution of all participants.