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About Powerful Light Astrology TM

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Powerful Light AstrologyTM shows you the path back to your core to understand your soul's potential in this life. It sheds light on your life, revealing the opportunities and gifts behind your experiences and challenges.

More importantly, it reveals the practical and reachable steps you can take in your path to regain your power and destiny.

How did Powerful Light AstrologyTM Develop?

After doing years of traditional Astrology, it became clear that for clients who wish to make a difference in their lives, more was needed, beyond merely telling people the obvious - where they are stuck.

It is not that beneficial to only tell someone that they tend to act this way or that, because of their sun sign, or an aspect in their natal chart. It is more appropriate to reveal the path that recovers their personal power, aliveness, and joy. It was time to help clients get unstuck and free up the full promise of their natal chart, the person they were meant to be. To more fully address this, a new, more in-depth approach was created to map out the energetic structure, our tendencies to hold ourselves back, and what brings us forward to our potential.

Ultimately, in our journey through life, we seek that joy of being in the moment, that expansive feeling of being reconnected to the universe.

The experiences in life force us to grow, shift, and to move forward to higher integration and understanding of the various parts of ourselves. As we do this, we reopen ourselves to joy, to our true feelings, to act in the world from the courage, consent, and blessing of our hearts.

Powerful Light Astrology offers the key to helping people understand themselves, their experiences, and their direction through life and what they need to do to reclaim their place in the sun.

Where are you in your life?

Many people look to astrology to find answers about what they may expect in their lives. The best way to prepare is to begin to know yourself and find out what you can do to make you happen.

Where are you going next?

Increase your awareness of recurring issues and challenges in your life and relationships

• Zoom in on your life lessons

• Find out what works for you and energizes you

• Learn to avoid what drains you

• Learn what patterns you tend to get stuck in and how to avoid them

• Discover the significant stages in your life

• Learn how to effectively use your talents and gifts in your life, relationships, and career

Roman Oleh Yaworsky adds his unique energetic perspective to astrology, setting the tone for his client’s understanding, healing, and transformation. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of astrology and other healing systems, he shares great depth and insight, both in his professional practice, seminars, and the international services he provides.

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