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Energy AwarenessTM

Energy Awareness and Protection by Susana Sori, image copyroght 2011 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

During the Covid crisis, this course is temporarily suspended. An online version is being designed.

12 CEU hours for eligible health and healing professions

It is very important for our well being to rise above the influences that may drain us or pull us from our core or optimal functioning. Many people in the healing and helping professions tend to think of, or are drawn to deal with their clients or patients needs, often ignoring what may be happening to their own good energy and state. Especially, and over time, this can have negative consequences physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This experiential and practical training is designed to directly address and ameliorate this issue in three ways:

1. The Stance of a Healer™ , introduces you to sense the energy transactions that occur around you, so that you can be more aware in real time.

2. Course participants receive direct initiation in and activation of the Bands of Protection that act as energetic buffers and filters to protect your well being.

3. After this training, participants will have access to precise tools and practical knowledge. They will own the ability to realign themselves to energetic and sacred protection as easily as taking a breath.

This one day intensive is great for everyone, for people that come in contact with others on daily basis as well as, for healing practitioners. After this workshop, you will own the tools, basic knowledge and ability to realign yourself to Sacred Protection as easily as taking a breath.

Why do you need protection? You need protection to keep your energy high and safe from influences around you. All of us need to protect our good energy from being drained, not only by enemies, but by our 'friends,' family or workplace. In the end, being drained and not protected, is how most of us end up getting sick. An ounce of protection is worth more than a pound of cure! Protection is priceless.

What you will learn

● Learn to rise above life's negative influences.

● Learn about various energies from which you need to protect yourself.

● Energetically align your complete self with a more positive, fearless and expansive future.

● Recognize the signs of conscious or unconscious curses and non-coherent uses of energetic force.

● Learn to release, address and transform what harms you, be it from outside sources or from within.

● Release unnecessary disharmonious energies that may have hounded us in our life.

● Learn to walk through life with the awareness of the energies that surround you!

● Be a spiritual warrior.

● Stay centered and walk in protection!

● Learn and receive the secret techniques used for protection by yogis, shamans and healers for centuries.

Logistics of the course

This workshop normally runs from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM with an hour for lunch.