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Free Your Destiny: Move Beyond Your Fate TM

Being Centred: The Life Coach in a book, by Roman Oleh Yaworsky, copyright 2007 by Roman Oleh Yawosky

Free Your Destiny:
Move Beyond Your Fate

Two Day Workshop with Roman Oleh Yaworsky

TBA for winter 2018 / Spring 2019

Continuing Education Credits are available

This workshop, through SpiritUnleashed, provider #50-12290 has been approved for 16 CEUs for CSW, MFT, HC and LMTs as well as Licensed Midwives. and Psychologists (with board review)



• Avoid the 12 traps of fate

• Learn and apply the simple and practical tools to regain your destiny

An innovative and ground breaking workshop addressing the fundamental understanding and means available to improve the trajectories of our lives.

Two days that take healing to the next level. Improve the trajectory of your life! Roman Oleh Yaworsky, author of Being Centered, has created an innovative and ground breaking workshop that addresses the fundamental understanding and means available to free our bodies, energy, soul and spirit from the traps of fate. Learn how to stay centered and healthy in the world and with the people in your life.

Through insights, understanding, practical instructions and experiences, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the energetic relationships of their physical body with its luminous anatomy and the energetic interactions with others. More importantly, the course will provide the key to our own ability to heal and choose our destiny each moment.

On Fate and Destiny
We often confuse destiny and fate and many of us fear both. They are not the same. One leads us to our greater becoming. The other, fate, traps us into being less than we're meant to be. Knowing and discerning the difference between them can change the direction of your life!

The Means to Change Our Fate
We can free ourselves of our Fate. We can do it! We can overcome our fear, our binding patterns and untie ourselves. To change what binds us to our fate requires becoming aware of and changing our relationship with ourselves, with our soul and spirit. It requires that we notice and change where our actions come from. Unless we do this, the changes we try to manifest in the world around us and with the people in our lives often do not last, or may even work against us!

What This Workshop Offers
This intensive course will help clarify the profound differences between fate and destiny, and tell us why it is important to make that differentiation. Roman will help us recognize the 12 most common ways we detour from our great destiny, thus ending up wasting our time and great energy in fate.

This intensive workshop will bring into practice many of the techniques and insights that the author and workshop creator, Roman Oleh Yaworsky, has developed to lay the foundation for positive change.

This workshop is a rare and timely offering, much needed in these challenging times. It is based upon a profound understanding of the differences between fate and destiny at the level of our choices, experiences, feelings and actions.

It provides very direct and practical knowledge needed in order to make the changes in your life that will free you from your fate. Learn how we create fate, how we get caught in patterns that pull us out of our power and joy and learn how we can avoid it.

Workshop Details
Dozens of original illustrations and slides were specifically developed for this course. There will be ample opportunities to share, apply and clarify that knowledge within the supportive space of the workshop.

Roman is an engaging and talented presenter who has the ability to relate to each participant and to address their personal questions and concerns.

Your transformation will be facilitated and integrated during the workshop with energetic and shamanic healing work by both Roman Oleh Yaworsky and Susana Sorํ.

This is a practical workshop. It will give you the means and techniques to shift not only your life, but your life with the people around you.


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