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Astrology Natal Report

Astrologer Roman Oleh Yaworsky has based this report on a synthesis of deep work with clients over many years.

It clarifies the core issues from a spiritual and transformational perspective, supporting a client's healing journey.

This report was specially created to complement a Natal Reading Session, and provides a well designed and easily assessable means to review your session and to remind you of some of the things that were revealed to you.

Much of the information contained here is original and not available in any other form, and goes into surprising depth. This report, written and designed by Roman, is approximately 35-40 pages, and is currently only available to clients.

Roman Oleh Yaworsky's Powerful Light Astrology Natal Report. Image is copyright 2006 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Samples of the Astrology Natal Report showing a selection of pages: The Powerful Light Astrology Report, Horoscope and astrology chart interpretations:

Some Areas of Focus in this Unique Astrology Natal Report:

General overview

Your strengths

Your Life Direction

Where you tend to get caught

Where you tend to be successful

Your personal Healing journey

Your vitality, spirit and source of individuality

Your feeling and soul

Your communication

How you tend to grasp and act on the world around you

Your openness and receptivity to what is offered

Enthusiasm and energy

How you grow

Your lessons, challenges and obstacles

Your individuality and creativity

Your freedom needs

Your will

Your imagination

Your inner connection

Your expression of power and intensity

If Time of Birth is Known, The Astrology Natal Report Reveals:

Your identity and sense of uniqueness

Where value comes into your life

Where you express yourself and grasp your environment

Your foundation

Where play enters your life

Your health

How you work

Your relationships with others

How you are valued by others

Where you grow

Your career

Your goals

Friends and associates

Your inner journey