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Being Centered
How to Live from Your Authentic Self
2nd Edition


Inner Journeys

This book is a gift for every human being who seeks to understand how to free their soul. It gives clear, pragmatic advice on how to regain who we are meant to be. It is an invaluable guide for seekers, a cutting-edge vision of the world and our becoming, bringing back our ability to proact in our lives. Being Centered reminds us that we are spiritual beings. This is why it can relate at such a profound level.

Being Centered is groundbreaking and timely. It will transform you. It is meant to help you break through the shell that hides your greatness and joy.

Susana Sorí , Editor and Co-owner of SpiritUnleashed Publications

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Being Centered is a book that takes a very different perspective in revealing the process of healing and the journey of transformation.

It answers two basic questions:
How did we lose our authentic self?
And how do we get it back?

In a series of revealing and penetrating chapters, Roman Oleh traces how we give away our uniqueness, our joy and our power.

Being Centered sheds new light on how we interact, both inwardly and outwardly, how we tend to get stuck, and the means to help us return to our true nature, to who we really are. We really are meant to be in joy and in our hearts. We really are meant to share that joy and heart with others, and when we are free to do so, that joy is contagious!

This book is both practical and comprehensive. Each main chapter includes not only detailed and practical examples, but the clear directions and steps that we can apply in our everyday lives to take us back to our center, towards trust in who we are meant to be.

Each chapter shows a different path, a different approach back to our truer nature. Being Centered is for everyone going through changes and shifts, a must have book if you need to know how to go where you are going, with greater ease!

This book is a blue print for reclaiming our lives.

Read a chapter from the book:

What is Being Centered?

The Heart of the Matter